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Who is the CEU Provider Program for?

The CEU Provider Program is for those in the industry that wish to train engineers and designers on plumbing design. The courses are non-proprietary and technical in nature only. Providers are not engineering or design firms.


What are the continuing education credits valid for?

Continuing education units, or CEUs, are valid for those that hold one of two ASPE certifications: the Certified in Plumbing Design, or Certified Plumbing Design Technician. The CEUs are not a guarantee to be approved in states for those that hold a PE or professional engineer license.

To see what the differences in certification and licensure are you can review this link


How many representatives from my company are permitted to speak on our approved courses?

There is no limit to the amount of instructors from an individual company. The company's contact will include the list of instructors' bios inclusive of their work and education history along with the application. If changes are made the contact simply notifies ASPE of this change. There is no formal procedure for adding or removing approved instructors.


How many courses can our company submit?

Please review the application and guidelines documents.


What type of courses or learning settings are permitted?

An in-person lecture or "lunch and learn" setting, a full- of half-day training workshop, online learning / e-courses, or some factory tours.

How do approved providers issue certificates to our attendees?

Approved providers are given a login and password to access our CEU generator portal to issue individual certificates to those that request them from your presentations.


How do we keep track of attendance?

It is up to the individual provider to keep accurate record of those in attendance, including name, email, topic, date, location, and duration.


How long are providers approved for?

Each provider is required to renew every 12 months.

Where can I ask ASPE staff additional questions or where do I submit our application?

Visti aspe.org/CEUProviderSubmit to submit an inquiry for staff to review.

Do you have any sample templates I can use for our program(s)?

On the For CEU Providers page there are four templates for your use. These are not required and are samples for companies to use with their programs.

For more information email ceuprovider at aspe.org or submit a form to share more info with us: aspe.org/CEUProviderSubmit