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Welcome to the ASPE Members CEU Center!

ASPE members must be logged in to view the credits earned through ASPE. Please keep in mind the following:

These are verified CEU credits you've earned through the ASPE organization and are not reflective of any chapter activity.

There are three counts reflected on your records:

  • One verified count of the CEUs earned in the last two years
  • One verified count of all CEU activity we have on file for you
  • One unverified count of the CEUs you've earned through other events such as chapter meetings that you manually enter

These records do not automatically grant you re-certification status when renewing your certifications, such as the Certified in Plumbing Design or Certified Plumbing Design Technician. You will still have to complete the necessary re-certification forms and provide backup documentation in case you are audited.

If you notice an error with your records please contact Pam Rosenberg at education at aspe.org. Please provide your name and membership number and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Click here to access your CEU credits.