ASPE’s Next MedGas Workshop Will Be Held December 8–11


Registration is open for ASPE’s second MedGas Workshop, which will be held December 8–11, 2022, at ASPE’s headquarters in Rosemont, Illinois near Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. Seating is limited, so register now to secure your spot.

Taught by industry expert Mark Allen, this 32-hour workshop is based on the parameters outlined in ASSE 6060: Medical Gas Systems Designer, a new professional qualification standard that sets forth the training requirements for designers who wish to earn the ASSE 6060 personnel certification. Those who complete the workshop will receive a certificate of training and will have fulfilled the training requirement to take the ASSE 6060 certification exam. You also will receive 1.2 ASPE continuing education units (CEUs) for completing the workshop.

The workshop will include program materials that will be made available to registrants closer to the workshop dates.


The cost to take the workshop is $2,000 for ASPE members and $2,350 for nonmembers. Not an ASPE member?  to get the member price, and you’ll also be able to take advantage of all of ASPE’s other member benefits.

About the Instructor

Mark Allen has been involved in the medical gas industry since 1978. He started out of university with one of the earliest certification firms when “certification” of medical gas systems was a concept yet to be widely accepted. He transitioned to the manufacturing sector in 1985 and since then has been involved in virtually all aspects of medical gas work, including testing and verification, regulatory advocacy, product development, marketing, and education.

Mark is an active member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Technical Committee on Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems and has been involved with that Committee since the 1987 edition of NFPA 99. He is also an active member of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Technical Committee on Medical Gas and Vacuum Systems, working on the CSA Z7396-1 standard, and also is involved with the ISO TC121/SC6 committee dealing with Anesthetic and Respiratory devices, including medical gases, and the ISO 7396 series of standards.

Throughout his career, Mark has chaired various committees with industry regulatory bodies and is the author of numerous journal articles, design guides, and other technical aids for the engineering of medical gases. He has been honored by the MGPHO Verifier’s organization as a special expert.

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