ASPE Young Professionals Announces the 2021 AYP Leadership Academy


ASPE Young Professionals (AYP) invites all young professionals to the 2021 AYP Leadership Academy, which will be held Thursday, September 23, at the San Diego Marriott Mission Valley, prior to the 2021 ASPE Tech Symposium.

Engineering complex, dynamic systems in a world of budgetary constraints and rapidly evolving systems can be difficult, but the right skills and experience make that work manageable. The same is true of your leadership. Having the right skills and tools makes all the difference in creating the desired outcomes. Navigating the complexities of teams in the workplace can be daunting without them, and in this workshop you will learn proven strategies for bringing the best out in yourself and in team members, communication styles, structuring effective expectations and boundaries, navigating change and growth, and tools that enable challenging conversations to be productive and empowering.

The workshop will cover:

  • Tools for Difficult Conversations: Managing tough conversations with your reports and managers is always a challenge, and learning how to best handle these situations is crucial for developing solid leaders in our firms.
  • Expectations and Boundaries: Being able to balance satisfying the needs of your team at the same time as satisfying your individual needs is a problem for everyone. There always seems to be a loser and a winner. This discussion will help you find ways to make everyone a winner.
  • Valuing Team Members: Having the ability to review your peers and provide praise or constructive comments is a skill that everyone can improve. The same goes in reverse: being able to receive the same comments and praise. You will learn how to recognize the positives and challenging values that your team brings to the table. Showing/knowing where your strengths are and that you are a valued team member will assist everyone in improving their craft.

This workshop will not be a boring, sit-in-your-chair parade of slide decks. It will flow from topic to topic with interactive exercises that actively implement these skills to showcase exactly how powerful a mindful approach to workplace skills can be. During this workshop we will coach and practice real-life applications. You can expect to leave with a toolkit full of skills that build opportunities to thrive in your career.

This event is open to professionals 35 years old and younger. The cost is $170 for ASPE members and $255 for nonmembers. You can register at

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