ASPE Announces the New Road to San Diego Chapter Membership Drive


We are pleased to announce that ASPE’s newest membership initiative, The Road to San Diego Chapter membership drive, will run from March 1 to July 31, 2021. By participating in The Road to San Diego membership drive, ASPE members can help their local Chapter earn points toward a free registration and hotel room for the 2021 ASPE Tech Symposium in San Diego, which the Chapter can bestow on one lucky member.

It’s easy to participate and earn points because the drive is conducted all online via ASPE’s member community, ASPE Connect. Both ASPE members and nonmembers can participate, while also benefitting from the daily exchange of knowledge and networking on ASPE Connect.

Points will be awarded for:

  1. A nonmember signing up for the Connect free trial
  2. A nonmember who signed up for the Connect free trial signing up for ASPE membership
  3. Number of Chapter members participating on the Open Forum (as a percentage of Chapter membership)

Points will be totaled at the end of every month from March through July. In early August, the Chapter with the most points will be awarded a full 2021 Tech Symposium registration and a hotel room for the length of the event (September 22–26) to award or raffle off to a lucky Chapter member.*

For more information, view The Road to San Diego membership drive flyer. Questions? Contact Gretchen Pienta at [email protected]

*Travel and meal costs are not included.

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