Become a Mentee

Understanding your role and responsibilities within the mentor/mentee relationship will better enable you to reach all of your desired goals.

    Mentee Roles and Responsibilities

    Identifying Roles

    • Have a clear understanding of why you want to be mentored
    • Select a mentor based on criteria relevant to your goals

    Communicating Expectations

    • Have a clear understanding of your expectations for your mentor
    • Clearly communicate those expectations
    • Stay flexible in changing expectations or plans
    • Create goals with milestones and deliverables
    • Inform your mentor about your preferred learning style
    • Be realistic about setting timelines

    Working Together

    • Listen and contribute to the conversation
    • Understand that your mentor will not have all the answers
    • Accept constructive feedback
    • Set time aside for self-reflection
    • Evaluate progress
    • Celebrate success
    • Be consistent and reliable

    Meeting Goals

    • Provide your mentor with updates after the mentoring is completed
    • Provide an evaluation of the experience
    • Say "thank you!"
    • Give back to the profession and volunteer to become a mentor

      If you are interested in being a mentee of the program, please complete this survey. Your response will allow us to match you appropriately with a mentor.

        Note: The program is intended for career development and strictly prohibits participants from marketing or soliciting for business reasons.

        For more information or questions about the program, please contact