ASPE Mentoring Program

This program, which is available to all members of the Society, has been designed to connect ASPE members who have a particular skill set (mentor) with individuals (mentee) who are searching to acquire the same skills to develop and make progress toward their personal and professional goals.

    Who Is a Mentor?

    A mentor is someone who can help the mentee develop skills for success and long-range career planning, is able to be a good listener, is willing to share experiences and views, is willing to commit time and effort, provides an “open door” to questions and problems, points out both strengths and opportunities for improvement, and has a vested interest in the growth and development of their mentee.

    Benefits to the mentor:

    • Satisfaction in helping someone mature, progress, and achieve goals
    • Meeting and sharing experiences with other mentors
    • Personal ongoing support to help the mentee succeed
    • Personal fulfillment through contribution to the Society and the individual

    Who Is a Mentee?

    Having a mentor can contribute to a successful and satisfying career. Without a mentor, that learning occurs mostly through trial and error. With a mentor, even experienced professionals can benefit from the experiences and expertise of someone who has withstood the trial and can help the mentee avoid the mistakes. Similarly, those new to the industry will discover that being a mentee shortens the learning curve for acquiring the skills and knowledge most critical to a fruitful career. 

    Benefits to the mentee:

    • Discover new talents about yourself
    • Career satisfaction
    • Expand your personal network
    • Maximize your strengths

    Note: The program is intended for career development and strictly prohibits participants from marketing or soliciting for business reasons.


    For more information or questions about the program, please contact