ASPE Standards Working Groups

When needed, the Main Committee may establish Working Groups to draft specific standards. Membership on a Working Group is not conditional upon membership in ASPE. Members are expected to serve for a term of not less than one year.

The duties of a Working Group are:

  • Develop draft standard proposals within its charter as directed by the Main Standards Committee.
  • Achieve a majority acceptance of proposed standards prior to submittal to the Main Standards Committee.
  • Provide guidance to the Main Standards Committee on interpretations of the standards.

Application for Membership on a Working Group 

Working Groups

  • 10: Water Line Sizing, Chair: Jim Shepherd, CPD
  • 15: Hot Water Temperature and Control, Chair: Vacant
  • 78: Stormwater Harvesting Systems, Chair: Neal Shapiro 
  • 100: Plumbing System Commissioning, Chair: Anthony Furst

To suggest a new Working Group, contact Gretchen Pienta.


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