Fire Protection Systems Course

Fire Protections Systems Course
Earn 0.3 CEUs for completion in this course

ASPE and the American Supply Association's Education Foundation (ASAEF) have teamed up to offer industry members a course in fire protection system. This course is hosted on ASAEF's learning management system and upon successful registration you'll be able to take this three-hour course through nine different modules on their platform.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this course, the participant should be able to:

  • Explain the various codes and standards that apply to fire protection.
  • Describe the different types of fire detection systems and extinguishing agents, including hydraulic sprinkler design.
  • Explain the different types and uses of fire pumps in fire detection and prevention systems.
  • Discuss specific pipe requirements, standards, and classes in relation to fire prevention mechanisms.
  • Summarize different types and components of fire pumps and their uses.
  • List the different extinguishing agents that can be used to put out a fire.

Short Description

This course reviews the fundamentals of fire protection systems, including a brief history of fire protection systems, building safety, detection and suppression systems and agents, as well as fire pumps, standpipes, hose and sprinkler systems.

Module 1 - 10 mins: Protection Fundamentals
Describes the codes and standards that apply to fire protection.

Module 2 - 22 mins: Building Safety
Describes fire safety in building design and building process.

Module 3 - 18 mins: Detection Systems
Describes the different components and types of fire detection system.

Module 4 - 17 mins: Fire Suppression Overview

 - Introduces the different types of extinguishing agents.

Module 5 - 20 mins: Fire Pumps
 - Describes the different types and components of fire pumps.

Module 6 - 19 mins: Private Mains, Standpipes, and Hose Systems - 
Discusses pipe requirements, standards, and class.

Module 7 - 25 mins: Automatic Sprinkler Systems - 
Describes how fire sprinkler systems are designed.

Module 8 - 20 mins: Hydraulics

 - Describes the basic hydraulics required for sprinkler systems.

Module 9 - 50 mins: Fire Suppression Agents - 
Introduces the different types of extinguishing systems.

Click here to purchase the online course. Please note: this is to purchase access to the online course. It can take up to 5 business days to receive confirmation from ASAEF that you've been enrolled in their platform and can begin the course. A certificate will be issued upon completion from ASAEF and ASPE.

You do not have to take the course in one sitting after you receive confirmation from ASAEF. The course three hours, and is self-paced so you can return to it at anytime to continue, or to review the material presented. There is no limit or duration to when you must have the course completed by. There are no downloads provided before, during, or after the course, but if you wish to purchase the Fire Protection Systems publication, you can do so here.


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