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 2019 Exam Dates

  • Click here to view the 2019 CPDT Exam Bulletin. 
  • Tentative 2020 CPDT Exam dates: October 5 - 11, 2020 or October 12 - 18, 2020

Watch our informational video about the 2018 CPDT Exam below and download the slides from the presentation here.


To be eligible to take the CPDT examination, a candidate must have:

  • Bachelor degree in engineering with 1 year experience designing plumbing systems; or
  • Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in a field related to engineering (physics, mathematics, architecture, civil, environmental studies, construction, HVAC, etc.) and a minimum of two years of experience designing plumbing systems, or
  • 4 years minimum of plumbing design experience
  • To inquire if you'd be eligible fill out the eligibility form to notify the Credentialing Committee.

Approved experiences may include:

  • Internship
  • Co-op programs/cooperative education programs
  • Documented and approved employer based internship, work experience
  • Plumbing Journeyman, Plumbing maste

Individuals that have passed the CPDT Examination and achieved CPDT designation are required to maintain the designation through a biennial recertification program.

CPDT Examination

The Certified Plumbing Design Technician Examination consists of 100 multiple-choice questions. The CPDT Examination score is based on the number of correct answers. There are no penalties assessed for wrong answers. Therefore, it is advantageous to answer every question, even if it is a guess.  If there is time left when you have finished the test, you can go back and review the questions that you were unsure of.

ASPE invests in the long-term reliability of the CPDT Examination by pretesting examination questions.  Most of the questions answered by candidates are used to determine the candidate’s score on the test.  Some of the questions are evaluated for future use as scored questions, and are not included in candidates’ scores. Pretesting questions is a common practice for professional assessments that increases validity.

The questions in the CPDT Examination are linked to ten broad job domains or job categories of a plumbing design technician. These job domains include:

  1. 12% Set up small projects, or a portion of large project
  2. 7% Collect utility data prior to layout
  3. 4% Research codes, ordinances, building certifications
  4. 16% Lay out general systems
  5. 16% Coordinate with other disciplines
  6. 16% Perform sizing calculations
  7. 12% Select equipment
  8. 5% Prepare documentation for submission
  9. 7% Support construction administration
  10. 5% Prepare project closeout documentation

The test specifications for the examination were developed by subject matter experts with the help of an independent testing and certification consultant, using information derived from a job analysis. The test specifications and content reflect the knowledge and skills essential to performing at the technician level of a plumbing designer.

Each examination question deals with a critical and important task performed by a plumbing design technician.

To establish that the developed task statements were truly representative of the job content of a plumbing design technician, tasks and knowledge were validated utilizing a web-based  questionnaire. This evaluation and analysis procedure established ten broad job domains or job categories and 54 job tasks that a plumbing design technician should be proficient in.  Every question in the CPDT examination is linked to a task statement and demonstrably related to the job of a plumbing design technician. 

A criterion-referenced passing score for the examination was established by content experts. To insure the independence of the CPDT examination, ASPE contracts with a third party testing company to create the test forms and to conduct, oversee and grade the examination.

Want to know what to study?

ASPE recommends the following materials:


ASPE Members taking the exam in the USA or Canada: $200
ASPE Members taking the exam outside the USA or Canada: $325
Nonmembers taking the exam in the USA or Canada: $425
Nonmembers taking the exam outside the USA or Canada: $550

Cancellation Fees:

A cancellation fees will occur if canceled greated than 72 hours prior to the exam.

Testing Centers:

Click here to find testing centers near you. Only centers that have Pearson Professional Center are in the ASPE network of test centers. You will see many others appear, but the CPDT Examination is only held at a Pearson Professional Center.

If you have any questions about the CPDT program or any related issues please email certification@aspe.org
The CPDT Examination is only held once per year.