ASPE Cares

Many ASPE Members suffer unexpected hardships that strain their relationships, careers, and finances. In the spirit of family and community, ASPE asks Members to consider donating to these causes to help ease the suffering of fellow Members. If you or an immediate family member are in need of assistance, please send the details to

Members in Need

Randy Kleinheider, CPD, LEED AP, St. Louis Chapter

Randy is currently rehabilitating at the New Haven Care Center from the several small strokes he suffered earlier this year. His wife Debbie has created a Facebook Group to help keep everyone informed, which you can find at Also, ASPE's St. Louis Chapter recently created a GoFundMe page for Randy since insurance is no longer covering the costs of his stay at the care center. You can find it at


John Royds, PE, Atlanta Chapter

Early on October 14, John lost his house to fire. Everyone in the family got out safe, but the house and their possessions were a total loss. Until they find a more permanent solution, John and his wife are staying at a local hotel, while the children are with family members. Donations can be made at

Brad Fitzsimmons, Central Ohio Chapter

Brad's six-year-old son Barrett was recently diagnosed with a very rare form of liver cancer, Hepatocellular Carcinoma. While the family does have health insurance through Brad’s employer, like a lot of programs it has a high deductible. As an example, 30 days of one medication is $14,000. Donations can be made at The family's Facebook page can be found at .

mark tannerMark Tanner, CPD, Phoenix Chapter

On July 1, 2015, Mark suffered three major strokes that have impaired his ability to walk, breathe, speak, see, and eat. Since Mark was released from the hospital, his wife Sherri has become his full-time caregiver. Professional in-home care is not covered by insurance, but it is needed to help Mark's recovery. Donations can be made at

Paul Silvestre, Philadelphia Chapter

ASPE's Region 1 Director was recently diagnosed with stage 3 follicular lymphoma, but due to previous complications, he cannot start chemotherapy until a defibrillator is installed and a bacterial infection and anemia are cured, all of which is increasing his medical expenses. Donations can be made at