2010 - 2011 Awards

2010 - 2011 Membership Award Winners

 Award of Merit

This award captures the spirit of dynamic volunteerism and is awarded on the basis of a chapter's accomplishment over the past year and measured by eleven distinct areas which ranges from the production of chapter newsletters, technical meetings to joint programs with other engineering related organizations.  The winnes are:

Region 1

Boston, Capital Region New York, New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, DC

Region 2

Central Ohio, Eastern Michigan, Johnstown, Pittsburgh, Cleveland

Region 3

Atlanta, Central Florida, West Coast Florida

Region 4

Seattle, San Francisco

Region 5

Dallas, Kansas City, Minnesota, Omaha

Membership Growth Award

The chapter membership growth award is awarded to the chapter vice president membership for the 2010-2011 membership year who successfully increased membership for his/her chapter. The winners for chapters with 99 or fewer members are:

Richmond  Ellis Lowry
Central Ohio Chad Dupler
Johnstown Paul Alexander
Pittsburgh Paul McKee
Seattle Kevin Jones
Central Texas  Christopher Philips
Omaha  David McArdle

The winners for chapters with 100 or more members are:

Montreal   David Boutin
New York City   Marco Barbera
Dallas/Ft. Worth  Gwynne Morrison

Membership Retention Award

Hand-in-hand with the Chapter Membership Growth Award is the retention award. The retention award is harder to get In the calculation for this award, the chapters only receive credit for those individuals that continue their membership over a number of years. There is no differentiation between the size of the chapters. To be a winner, the chapter must have retained 90% or more of its previous years's membership. The retention award is given to the chapter vice president of membership for the 2010-2011 membership year. The winners are:

Region 1

Baltimore  Jason Eagles
Boston John Callahan
Capital Region NY Michael Mullins
Central New York Jay Dunham
Connecticut Kyle Tasse
Montreal David Boutin
New York City Marco Barbera
Philadelphia Matthew Martin
Quebec Jacques Paradis

Region 2

Buffalo Niagara Joseph Eppolito
Central Indiana David Townsen
Central Ohio Chad Dupler
Cleveland Greg A. Trombold
Eastern Michigan Rick Johnston
Johnstown Paul Alexander
Pittsburgh Paul McKee
Rochester Douglas Meier
Southwestern Ohio Eric Trombold

Region 3

Alabama Morris Kay
Atlanta Christopher Rohling
Central Florida Matthew Clayton Clark
Charlotte Laura Pelchat
Memphis Lloyd Rainey
New Orleans Douglas Ruckman
Raleigh Andrew King
West Coast Florida Richard Little

Region 4

British Columbia Everett Crowdis
Denver Gregory Adams
Intermountain Jonathan Jensen
Los Angeles John Zagorski
Northern California Angela Bowman
Orange County James Weil
Phoenix David Robertson
San Diego Ludmilla Podwell
San Francisco Marc Santo
Seattle Kevin Jones

 Region 5

Central Illinois Cathy McNeil
Central Texas Christopher Phillips
Chicago Mark Mannarelli
Dallas/Ft. Worth Gwynne Morrison
Houston Christopher Ennis
Kansas City Robert Franklin
Minnesota Brian Salisbury
Omaha David McArdle
St. Louis Michael Todd
Wisconsin Richard Davison

Multiple Award Winners

One of the most difficult of all achievements in any one year is for a chapter to win all three membership awards: Award of Merit, Membership Growth and Membership Retention. The chapters that accomplished this feat are:

New York City

Central Ohio




Dallas/Ft. Worth